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Eoin Colfer Virtually Live

Today, at 2pm Eoin Colfer will be reading from the last ever Artemis Fowl book live, I assume, from Puffin HQ. You need to register before you can watch and you can do that on their website here.

Oh, and here’s Eoin himself telling you what you need to do and talking about farts and wind and tummy trouble. Of course.


An evening with Eoin Colfer

I was lucky enough to be at an event yesterday evening at Penguin in London with Eoin Colfer in discussion with Julia Eccleshare. Eoin was telling us all about his latest work Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex.

It ended an extremely busy day for Eoin full of events and most excitingly a worldwide webcast to thousands of people – a first for the Puffin marketing team and by all accounts a huge success.

The evening was great. Lovely to catch up with old colleagues and friends and I so enjoyed the discussion. Eoin is hilarious and I’ve been wanting to see him since I missed the chance due to a surprise bout of chickenpox during one of his tours while I was working in Puffin marketing. He did sign my copy of The Opal Deception though with a nice get well message.

The webcast is still online and well worth watching. And in case you haven’t done so already, rush out and buy a copy of the new book – it’s tipped Twilight off the top spot in the book charts!

The “pox” inscription

Following on from yesterday’s post. I totally forgot that I have a copy of Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception signed by Eoin Colfer that says, “To Tasha, Get well soon – Best of luck with the pox! xx”. Here it is:

Chickenpox asan adult is really not fun

I had chickenpox at the time and was meant to be doing a signing with Eoin for Puffin that day but had to go home as my spots started coming out and I was beginning to hallucinate! Apparently having “the pox” means something very different in Ireland! šŸ˜‰

Two months to go…

Nice pic of Michael Rosen from the Guardian article

In June, the next Children’s Laureate will be announced. Michael Thorn on Achuka blog has posted an interesting article from The Independent speculating who this next laureate might be. Out of the list in this article, my personal favourites are David Almond and Anthony Browne. They both would make very different laureates to those who have gone before. Especially Anthony Browne I think. I saw him perform to a group of trainee primary school teachers at a Write Away Read to Inspire conference last year. He was softly spoken and fascinating, just like his beautiful illustrations.

The list in the article is by no means complete in my eyes. So many other authors and illustrators that should and could be on there. Eoin Colfer for one, and the Books Blog on the Guardian website back in November last year mentions Francesca Simon and Roger McGough who definitely should be in the running. The comments on the Guardian’s blog entry are worth reading.

We shall just have to wait and see!

That’s weird

I posted something earlier this month about the TV series the BBC have made based on Half Moon Investigations. Then this morning on TV I happened to notice an interview with the star of the show, along with the book’s author, Eoin Colfer.

A bit odd, I thought, seeing as the series isn’t great in my opinion and doesn’t appear to credit Eoin anywhere. It’s as if they are doing the PR and marketing for the series back to front for some reason. Or hey, maybe they read Children’s Books for Grown-Ups and decided they should really be doing something to cross-promote. It could happen, right?

Anyway, the great news is that there is a second Half Moon book, and it’s being finished right now. So I’ll be looking out for it in the next year or so – and the great campaign that Puffin are sure to create around it.

(I know it’s been a while since I last posted, sorry. Turns out this being a mummy thing is pretty time consuming…hopefully another post or two and a recipe will go up by the end of the week.)

Making the book feel real

This afternoon I was feeding Milo and watching TV when I came across a series called Half Moon Investigations on CBBC. I decided to keep watching, as it was obviously based on a children’s book of the same name by Eoin Colfer, which we published when I was still at Puffin.

From the TV show

I’m sad to say I found it dry and a little bland – it wasn’t all that funny and it certainly didn’t conjure up the spirit of film noir in the brilliant way of the book. And what’s more, it didn’t seem to credit the author or the book anywhere as a source of inspiration.

Book jacket

That’s a shame, because I remember we had great fun with the marketing of it. Alongside the press and poster advertising campaign, we created miniature business cards for the main character, Fletcher ‘Half’ Moon and mailed them out to booksellers, and created competitions to win a day at the spy academy featured in the novel.

That’s the way children’s books marketing works best, I think: when it extends the experience of the fictional world into the real one!

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