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Eoin Colfer Virtually Live

Today, at 2pm Eoin Colfer will be reading from the last ever Artemis Fowl book live, I assume, from Puffin HQ. You need to register before you can watch and you can do that on their website here.

Oh, and here’s Eoin himself telling you what you need to do and talking about farts and wind and tummy trouble. Of course.


The “pox” inscription

Following on from yesterday’s post. I totally forgot that I have a copy of Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception signed by Eoin Colfer that says, “To Tasha, Get well soon – Best of luck with the pox! xx”. Here it is:

Chickenpox asan adult is really not fun

I had chickenpox at the time and was meant to be doing a signing with Eoin for Puffin that day but had to go home as my spots started coming out and I was beginning to hallucinate! Apparently having “the pox” means something very different in Ireland! šŸ˜‰

Graphic novels and children’s books

Walker Books were kind enough to send me a copy of David Almond‘s The Savage. I love David Almond – he is an absolute genius.

The Savage

The Savage wasn’t a disappointment either. The story tackled a difficult subject in a powerful way, and Dave McKean‘s illustrations are beautiful. My only (slight) criticism was that some of the misspellings felt contrived. But the blend of novel and comic storytelling is really, really interesting.

In case you didn’t already know, a growing number of books are undergoing a graphic novel treatment to attract more boy readers. Examples include SilverFin (from the Young Bond series), Artemis Fowl and Stormbreaker (from the Alex Rider series). For my money this is a trend that’s here to stay – and that’s a good thing (I used to love Tank Girl and manga comics much earlier in life).

I don’t know that much about it all yet, but I’m going to get on top of it. Look out for more soon!

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