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It can’t be true…

Has Milo really stopped trying to eat his books and instead started to read them?

Milo in my office having a read

He seems engrossed.

Head in a book

Don’t be daft! Still, if he’s getting enjoyment out of them, then that’s all that really matters!

Chew, chew, chew

I can completely recommend Tickle Tickle by Helen Oxenbury as a fantastic bedtime read. Very simple and lovely rhymes with very few words and a lot of beautiful pictures of babies which I am sure that most little ones would enjoy to look at. Milo (when he is not trying to chew the corners) loves to bat the pictures with his hands.


The new children’s laureate is…

…going to be announced at 11.30 today. And live on twitter through Booktrust. Very exciting!

Plenty of Puffin fun

Puffin newsletter

I receive the Puffin newsletter Beak Speak to keep in touch and up-to-date with all things Puffin. I am always particularly interested to see what they are publishing next and the new releases from some of my favourite authors as I used to work there.

What I am really enjoying now is reading the new Puffin blog. It’s great fun seeing what former work chums are up to and interested in. And Puffin have some great titles – why not check it out and find out more?

One more Christmas highlight

Milo's hat

I meant to say in my “Reading under the covers” post a couple of days ago: another great gift Milo received at Christmas was this hat, which was knitted for him by his Great Auntie Vanessa! (He also got a knitted cardigan which he’ll grow into.) The bobble has already proved very handy – when both your hands are full, it’s easy to grab between your teeth and pull the hat off!

He’s behind you

If I wasn’t so busy learning the ropes with this parenthood thing, I would have loved to have paid a visit to one of the many pantomimes in and around London this Christmas. None more so than Cinderella with Steve Guttenberg at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley!


Also taking place on the stage at the moment is Horrid Henry: Live and Horrid, adapted from the popular series of books by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross.

Live and Horrid

I wish I could have seen it! Children’s shows like this tend to be great fun, and are a brilliant way of bringing books to life. I still remember seeing a Rupert Bear show at the theatre when I was little, the experience was unforgettable for a young book lover like me.

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