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{Reading moment of the week}

My train journey home last Saturday after the Pop-Up Festival and meeting up with lovely, lovely children’s book peeps! A new copy of Mollie Makes (which I bought and have only ever bought purely for the gorgeous pictures – I am no way good enough at crafty things to tackle any of the ideas in there), and this rather fabulous package for Milo from the equally fabulous Clara Vulliamy.

Milo couldn’t wait until after breakfast to open his package.

The package turned out to be bunny ears!

We didn’t need the hairclips, but Milo is rather liking them at the moment so here they are on my happy bunny! This is his best smile. He’s not very good at smiling for the camera!

The lovely Anne-Marie over on Child-Led Chaos is hosting a Friday linky today called Friday Pick{ture book}. Simply, it’s a  linky for your favourite picture book (or app) review or book-themed activity of the week, old posts are welcome so be sure to check it out as there’ll be lots of book related goodness.


{reading moment of the week}

My mum is making her way through a big collection of Winnie-the-Pooh books with Milo whenever he’s over at their house. He’s loving them and also finding that it gives him a great excuse to shout “Pooh” a lot. And whenever I tell him not to, I get told “I’m not talking about poo poo, I’m talking about Winnie-the-Pooh.” There’s not a lot you can say to that.

{reading moment of the week}

I won, I won! This was a couple of weeks ago actually, but since we all had some sort of horrific cold thing last week and so I’m catching up a bit and being a touch slow in sharing. I entered a lovely competition on the gorgeous Cupcakes for Clara blog, and then I went and won it! I so rarely win anything that this absolutely made my day!

A package full of wonderful Clara and Colin and snail goodies. They’ve delighted me and the little boy of the household too. If you’ve never been over to Cupcakes for Clara, then I absolutely suggest that you pop there immediately while making sure you have a little spending money for Laura’s etsy shop as you’re definitely going to be wanting to purchase a few things.

{Reading moment of the week}

This is a Milo one. As of Wednesday he became a big cousin to our gorgeous niece. None of us can wait to give her some snuggles but Milo’s apparently looking forward to “cuddling her on my lap and reading her a story. Probably the moomins, maybe, I think.”

I’d love to know what favourite books you like give as gifts to newborns are. I’ve got some spending to do! Yay!

{reading moment of the week}

A friend of mine lent me her copy of Playful ParentingWe’re having a few”outburst” issues at the moment! Happily reading away, not taking much of it in but trying at least and Milo chose to turn my reading session into a car park for his cars. Kind of felt ironic.

{reading moment of the week}

Milo enjoying Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I *heart* School by Clara Vulliamy. Such a bright, happy book and brilliant for Milo at the moment as he’ll be starting at the Kindergarten in his future school in a couple of weeks time. It’s going to be a big change for him (and us!), but something we’ve been focussing on is that he’ll be scooting to and from his new school, just like Martha bunny. He was delighted when she organised all her bits and bobs together and jumped on her scooter.

I think we’ll be taking some tips from Martha in our preparations for Milo’s first day at Kindergarten. And without a doubt we will be decorating his new wellie boots – they are currently a rather dull blue. He would love them to have pink and purple spots I think.

{reading moment of the week}

Tea and Cake London by Zena Alkayat (Black Dog Publishing)

It felt fitting to enjoy this wonderful delight of a book that will never leave us curious as to where to go for tea when we’re up in town again, with some cake from our local cafe (mentioned in the book on page 170). Not all for me of course. The generous slice of plum and ricotta cake was for Milo’s dad, while I chose the peanut butter cupcake with vanilla buttercream and peanut butter brittle.

And relax.

{reading moment of the week}

There’s a book exchange in our local cafe! How lovely. I’ve not exchanged anything yet but I totally intend to – there are children’s books too.

{reading moment of the week}

Thank you to the lovely Zoe at Playing by the Book for sending us a lovely signed copy of Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson as part of her fundraiser for Book Aid International! We’ve read it, gosh, at least five times already which is a fair few considering we’ve been in and out and everywhere the past day or so!

I asked Milo which book characters he’d most like to see come alive and out of their books. He said, Hugless Douglas, Otto and the Moomins – all of them. And they would play with him and maybe one would pretend to be a burglar.

{reading moment of the week}

Poorly Milo snuggled up with his daddy reading “small books.”

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