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Maurice Sendak

As most of you have probably heard, today is an incredibly sad day for children’s literature with the news that Maurice Sendak has died at the age of 83. This New York Times article was how I found out. The Guardian has written this lovely tribute on the author of Where the Wild Things Are and they also have this fantastically opinionated interview with Sendak from 2011 that is definitely worth reading.

I read Where the Wild Things Are a lot during my time studying for my masters; understanding its influence, appreciating the illustrative technique, the simplicity of Sendak’s words but it wasn’t until sharing it with Milo after a particularly hard and difficult day together that I truly understood it. It’s a comforting book in this house and I’ll be reading it with my boy tonight and trying not to feel sadness at the passing of a brilliant, contentious and often fierce man but of everything he’s given this little household and millions of others.

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  1. I like your blog and will have to add some Maverick Books to my reading list. The bookish bites is a yummy idea 😉

    May 8, 2012

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