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World Book Night and Book Aid International’s Silent Scribble

It’s World Book Night tonight. Are any of you doing anything to celebrate? It’s a bit of a tough one when you have children as it’s not entirely easy to go out in an evening without doing the merry dance of getting babysitters etc… For us today was also Milo’s first day of kindergarten so tonight is all about staying home, snuggling up and getting ready for day two of his new school adventure. I expect we will be reading a few more books than we usually do at bedtime to celebrate getting over first day nerves and meeting new people.

If I were to be going out, I’d probably be heading to Book Aid International’s event at Canada Water Library – free book giving, live music, readings, a Live Literature event with Iain Sinclair and, most excitingly, a chance to see their Silent Scribble lots in person.

If you’ve not heard of the Silent Scribble now’s definitely the time to take a look at it. The good folk at Book Aid International asked a whole bunch of writers and illustrators to do something very difficult. To sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and scribble. The bet bit is that these scribbles are now being auctioned off to raise money for Book Aid International and you (and me – I’ve bid on one lot and am very likely to bid on a second!) can secretly bid on whichever lot you really like the look of to be in with a chance of winning it. There’s a whole week left to do this as bids close at 9pm on the 30th April and the winner is drawn on 1st May.

This is a pretty amazing chance to own your own piece of original artwork by a famous author or artist. There are lots by Quentin Blake, Nick Sharratt, Jilly Cooper, James Mayhew and Alan Bennett. Exciting hey?! You can take a look at all the scribbles on either  Book Aid International’s website, or on their Facebook page.

James Mayhew

There are several that I would LOVE to have for Milo’s bedroom to go alongside his original Sarah MacIntyre (as we like to call it when people drop by his room!)

So, which scribble do you think you might bid on? And, are you up to anything for World Book Night tonight?

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