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Bookish Bites : Last day cupcakes

Not a Bookish Bites exactly, and not made with Milo, but for him. It’s Milo’s last day at his nursery today before starting at the kindergarten in his new school next week. I wanted him to have some cupcakes to share with his friends before leaving and took my inspiration from some of the Spring reads we’ve been sharing recently (more about those in a future post).

Milo’s been at his nursery for two years and will miss his friends a lot. And the pink car apparently. And the garden. And his carers. And…. well, you get the picture. He’s feeling excited, sad, nervous and a whole bundle of emotions as are we to be honest. It’s going to be a big (good) change for all of us.

There are a fair few children in Milo’s nursery class so I made a quadruple batch of vanilla cupcake mix using the recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. I like this recipe but I find that the final result can be a bit sticky and it often comes up a touch short when using cupcake cases, hence the quadruple batch to ensure there were enough for kids and staff.

Milo’s extremely excited about Spring and Summer time at the moment and we’ve been reading, talking about the change of seasons a lot recently (although today is much more akin to Winter – sigh!) so he asked that I cover the cakes in flowers. I spent an evening with my feet up in front of the television cutting out little sugarpaste flowers.

Once the cakes were baked I set about making a quadruple quantity of buttercream icing (oh, how his friend’s parents are going to love me for their child’s sugar high tonight!). I divided the icing up and coloured the buttercream in Milo’s favourite colours; lilac, lemon, white and pink and piped onto the cakes.

Onto the decorating. Yay! Favourite bit of course. Vermicelli, sugarpaste flowers and butterflies, a few sugar roses bought from the local supermarket, some little sugarpaste hearts, sunflowers (we’re growing them in the garden just like in Monkey and Robot… Milo’s very excited!), silver dragees and of course edible glitter.

Our kitchen floor now sparkles with the glitter which I rather like but should probably clean.

And finished.

I really, really hope that Milo’s having a fantastic last day. He has a surprise this evening as his dad’s coming home early from work to collect him with me and we’ll be having a high tea before bath time as opposed to the usual hurried snack. Things will probably be a little quiet on this little blog over the next couple of weeks as we adjust to new routines and schedules but bear with us. I have some great ideas for future posts – just need a little time to do them!

Hope you’re all having a happy day.

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  1. Jo Galvin #

    They look amazing! Milo’s nursery pals are very lucky indeed. Hope the move to kindergarten goes smoothly.

    April 18, 2012
    • natashaworswick #

      Hi Jo! So nice to see you here! Thanks, am really hoping there will be a cupcake left over for us but I doubt it! Milo’s visited the kindergarten a few times and enjoyed playing there and baking bread (easiest way to make him happy is to bake/provide bread!) so he should enjoy it. Might just take a few weeks to settle in. Gulp!

      April 18, 2012

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