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{reading moment of the week}

Milo enjoying Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I *heart* School by Clara Vulliamy. Such a bright, happy book and brilliant for Milo at the moment as he’ll be starting at the Kindergarten in his future school in a couple of weeks time. It’s going to be a big change for him (and us!), but something we’ve been focussing on is that he’ll be scooting to and from his new school, just like Martha bunny. He was delighted when she organised all her bits and bobs together and jumped on her scooter.

I think we’ll be taking some tips from Martha in our preparations for Milo’s first day at Kindergarten. And without a doubt we will be decorating his new wellie boots – they are currently a rather dull blue. He would love them to have pink and purple spots I think.

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  1. Gorgeous boy, and gorgeous book :0)
    AND gorgeous fabric on your sofa (it is a sofa, isn’t it?), where did you get it from?!?

    April 6, 2012
    • natashaworswick #

      New sofa, new sofa, new sofa… sorry, still very excited by it. There’s a matching armchair coming the week after next (in the meantime we have to sell our old sofa as our living room is currently “a squash and a squeeze!”) – both from The throw on the sofa was bought at a recent country living fair and was from Indigo and Rose ( Needed to cover the sofa with something so Milo wouldn’t destroy it! To be fair, he’s really good at not making our furniture messy, but he likes to create roads and speed bumps out of throws over the sofa so I thought a nice, snuggly one would be nice and the colours work really well with our room (it’s sooo soft!).

      Milo made his own bunny club this afternoon, called the “Milo club!” Lots of cushions thrown on the floor and then his dad and I invited in for a book reading 🙂 Loving Martha and the bunny brothers very much 🙂

      April 6, 2012
  2. I am all smiles seeing your lovely Milo enjoying the book – especially to think it might be a bit helpful with this big new adventure on his horizon. And how fantastic that he set up the Milo Club! I so want to join!
    Your beautiful new sofa caught my eye, too. We had made-com chairs – a good company, aren’t they? Enjoy the chair too!

    April 9, 2012
    • natashaworswick #

      Thanks so much for stopping by Clara 🙂 Made are a good company! We are super happy with the sofa and can’t wait for the chair to arrive too. They are very reasonable too, and do sofas that fit small houses (so hard to find!). The Milo Club is very exclusive but I am sure he would be delighted for you to join. I still have to say “sausages,” our secret password, to gain entry to the living room so I’m not sure I’m a fully fledged member yet!

      April 10, 2012

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