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Do you have a middle name?

Not to worry if you don’t – those stories are interesting too and my other half would really like to hear them. He’s been collating a tumblr of people’s middle names for a few years now and it makes for pretty interesting reading. So, I asked him a few questions so he could tell you a bit more about the middle names project.

What is the middle names project and how did it come about?

You know the answer to this one! Before Milo was born, we knew what his middle name would be long before we knew what his first name might be. His middle name is Walter, after your granddad, and the thought occurred to me that middle names often connect us to another person, a place, or an idea. But because middle names fall down the cracks between your first and last names, the world is missing out on some beautiful stories.

Do you have a favourite middle names story that has been shared with you?

I think they are all great for different reasons. Two that stand out for me are Ben’s very recent contribution, which is an email conversation between him and his mum, and Lea’s, simply because there’s a really healthy chunk of stories from people who had some sort of middle name envy as they were growing up.

What’s your favourite famous middle name?

Kenneth Charles Williams, for creepy whodunnit reasons, and ET The Extra-terrestrial just because it’s so definitive.

How can people get in touch with you if they want to submit their middle name?

Anyone can submit their middle name story via the project site.

What’s next for middle names?

I’m excited that a couple of magazines and websites have spotted it and want to feature it in some way or other. But most of all, I’m excited about collecting more middle name stories!

So there you have it – a little bit more information about The Middle Names Project. James would love it if you popped on over to his tumblr and shared your stories. He’s a bit nosy like that.

Oh, and we also found these famous middle names in the world of children’s books to inspire you:

JK Rowling : JK Rowling actually has no middle name, she added in the “K” herself in honour of her grandma Kathleen.

Jacqueline Wilson : Also has no middle name but interestingly was almost called Harriet. You can read more about that here.

Dr Seuss : So Seuss is actually erm… Dr Seuss’ middle name. Well, his full name is actually Theodor Geisel and you can read a bit more about that over here.

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