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The Maverick Shop – Grand Opening tomorrow!

Well, long-term readers of my blog will know that my day job is as a marketing consultant and social media manager for children’s publishing and book charities and that one of my clients are the good folk over at Maverick Arts Publishing.

Maverick are the publishers of some fantastic children’s picture book and rather excitingly they are now branching out into the world of toys and greeting cards too. Tomorrow they will be launching the Maverick Shop with special offers all across the site from 10am – 10pm (a perfect excuse to do some Easter shopping if you’re the sort of person who prefers to give books instead of chocolate!).

So, to let you all know a little bit more about the Maverick shop, Maverick Publishing and their books I shall hand you over to their Managing Director, Steve Bicknell..

Why did you set up Maverick?

I have always been a creative individual since my teens… my first love was photography and my career spanned 28 years of being a commissioned photographer. I was fascinated also with design & worked extremely closely with many London design studios on work for large corporates in the 90’s. I took this knowledge into publishing photographic calendars & in 2007 we had a huge global hit with Water-ski ing Westies, created by great photography & computer post production.  The funny animal calendar range was the start of Maverick Publishing and titles such as Guinea Pig Games, Maverick Meerkats, Musical Moggs are hugely popular & sell all over the world. Creativity is all about imagination & I soon realised that there was a lot of interesting things happening with illustrators. The techniques are the same as photography, illustrators can now create by hand, scan into the computer & with photoshop create fantastic images. So picture books for children seemed an obvious route to take. Your readers will soon realise that our look and feel with our children’s book range is quite often very different to the traditional books they might have grown up with. They dare to be different & children & grownups love our books for this reason.

Which Maverick books or authors might readers already know or have heard of?

I am sure your readers might have heard of The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips, the book is quite dark & scary but with a happy ending. It has over 65,000 individual pages when searching in google! With over 70 reviews and now a finalist for the People’s book prize & also short listed for the picture book prize in the Rotherham Book Awards we believe the book could eventually become a children’s classic. It’s often likened to The Gruffalo which is a fantastic book but apart from having the Beastie as the main character it is actually very different.

Tell us a bit more about the books you’re publishing this year and next year? 

We have some great books coming out soon, many are by first time authors who have often worked on their books for years but struggle to get noticed by the big publishers. It’s a life changing experience for all of our authors being published for the first time. The look on an author’s face is worth  everything to us here at Maverick & I often get quite emotional on these very special occasions. On April 11th we will be presenting two very special brand new books at a celebratory lunch. Angela Mitchell with her great book, The Jelly that Wouldn’t Wobble & Izy Penguin with her quirky but great fun book, Grandma Bendy.

Where’s the best place to pick up a Maverick book?

The very, very best place to buy our books is from our own online shop.

I say this with confidence because your readers can find out a lot about the author & illustrator, our prices are extremely good and of course it means that the author gets the very best royalty which they truly deserve. Also all of our books are available on Amazon. Some of our books can be found in certain Waterstones stores. We would like to be supported more by Waterstones but of course they tend to stock the big publishers books first so there isn’t a lot of room for the smaller independents. Luckily the new boss at Waterstones, James Daunt intends to make big changes by Christmas so you could start to see a lot more Maverick titles on their shelves! Also we have had some very encouraging meetings with the book buyers at Sainsbury’s who are lovely people so watch this space! Creating lovely interesting books for children & working with authors and illustrators I must say is one of the best & most enjoyable things I have ever done. Trying to get the books known & in lots of shops however is probably one of the most difficult things, but thanks to Natasha and lots of mums like her out there who care about their children and reading the word about Maverick books is spreading every day.


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