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All things bookish…

Loving finding fabulously creative objects made out of books at the moment.

This book caught my eye on a trip to Foyles at the beginning of the year.

The Repurposed Library (Abrams Books). I’d very much like to own it some day and see what we can make out of some of our old books.

Also loving Bookish England and the fabulous items they make out of books. I ordered a card and some cute little paper hearts for Valentine’s Day from them (I know, soppy, but any excuse to make a nice meal and some cake in this house) and look how beautifully packaged they arrived. And with a Book Aid International bookmark also. In fact, at the moment you just need to enter BOOKAID at checkout and you’ll get a 10% discount. And if you like them on Twitter or Facebook, for every 20 new followers they’ll donate a £1 to Book Aid International. Pretty good excuse to go shopping methinks.

There’s also this amazing artwork by Brian Dettmer. Each page is individually handcarved using knives, tweezers and surgical tools. Each page! You’d need to have pretty good eyesight hey so not a job for me probably!

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