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We’re all caked out!

Sorry, there’s no Bookish Bites this week, we’re all caked out! There’s been a lot of baking in this house recently. Milo and I made something very yummy for Zoe’s edible book festival (there’s still time to enter by the way!) which we’re still eating bits of, and there was some birthday baking over the weekend. Butterscotch cake with toffee buttercream icing and sugar spun hazelnuts, bread and butter pudding (yum!) and mini victoria sandwiches.

We are having a Bookish Bites breakfast tomorrow morning though. Boiled egg and soldiers inspired by Mog: The Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr.

This is normally a stock tea dish in our house but Milo’s loving this book at the moment as there’s a burglar in it and he’s obsessed with all things police people and burglar related (including burglar alarms – size, make, model, flashing lights etc…) and during a pre-bath reading yesterday declared that he would be having an egg for breakfast on Thursday so that is what we will do and hopefully no forgetful cats will come along and steal them!

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