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World Book Day and Book Aid International

There’s no Bookish Bites today folks, sorry about that… tomorrow instead as part of the celebrations surrounding World Book Day.

And onto World Book Day. Blogging here has been a little quiet of late as I have mostly been blogging over on the Book Aid International site once more in the busy build up to World Book Day.

Book Aid International are one of the chosen supported charities by World Book Day and as their social media manager, the last month has been hectic managing their online PR campaign for the big day tomorrow.

Books are hugely important to me, to my son and to most people that I know and we are exceptionally privileged that we have easy access to them. We have a library that’s just a 15 minute walk away, second-hand bookstores a bus ride away, a Waterstone’s, a WHSmith just another bus ride away and then London, the British Library, more bookstores, more libraries, at the end of a 20 minute train journey. This is before we’ve even looked around our own house. In at least two rooms we have floor to ceiling book cases. Milo, at the age of three has his own, bulging bookshelf in the living room and a book box in his bedroom. There is a mini book stack under my side of the bed, and one on my bedside table. I have a kindle and access to the world’s largest bookstore at the touch of a button. We are so lucky. It is not the same for everyone.

Across sub-Saharan Africa, books are in extremely short supply and priced well out of the reach of the majority. Yet books are essential for communities who need information and knowledge to improve their lives.

There are so many fantastic ways you can fundraise on World Book Day for Book Aid International this year. They have a dedicated section on the website for ideas surrounding World Book Day with dressing up and dressing down sheets to download, recipes for bake sales, assembly and class plans and loads more.

There’s also two competitions to enter to win £100 of National Book Tokens for your child’s school. There are quick and easy ways that you can take part in World Book Day without fundraising yourself (I’d keep an eye out over at Playing by the Book tomorrow as I have a feeling that Zoe might be giving you an excellent and fun way of doing this!).

There are also many ways to engage your kids at home if they’re not yet at school, in thinking about others this World Book Day. You could even just show them this video…

Milo has been peeling bananas all week with much hilarity! Whatever you do though tomorrow, have loads of fun!

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