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Bookish Bites : Hugh’s Blue Day blueberry muffins

Well, this is a long overdue Bookish Bites. Firstly because it’s yonks since I’ve written a Bookish Bites post and secondly because Milo and I actually did this spot of baking last year, before Christmas. So without further ado, Hugh’s Blue Day blueberry muffins.

Hugh’s Blue Day by Karen Hodgson and Ross Collins was sent to me by the lovely Hannah at Hogs Back Books which in itself is rather nice. But, included in the package was a recipe for blueberry muffins – how brilliant!

Hugh’s Blue Day begins with a little boy named Hugh who has woken up in a blue mood. I think anyone with a toddler will know that if this isn’t treated the right way, it can end badly! But Hugh’s mum tackles her son’s blue mood in a creative and fun way by suggesting they have a blue day together. So Hugh dresses in blue clothes, goes on a blue bus and eats blue food (blue eggs from a duck, blue-iced muffins, blue milkshake, blue cheese sandwiches and a sponge with blue berry jam). Sounds great doesn’t it!

As I mentioned above, we first read this before Christmas, but it’s one of those books that we’ve subsequently read a fair few times since. Milo’s mood has been a little erm… challenging of late and so it is always useful and comforting to sit and read a story that tackles toddler’s moods and lets him (and me!) know that he’s not alone.

So Milo and I decided we’d have our own blue-ish day (there was a costume change part way through) and make blueberry muffins from the recipe Hannah sent across.

Here’s the recipe (makes 12ish):


125g fresh blueberries
300g plain flour
10 ml baking powder
150g light muscovado sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1 egg
225ml milk
50g melted cooled butter

1. Stir together flour and baking powder, add sugar and zest and blueberries.

2. Separately, beat together the egg and milk and butter and vanilla.

3. Add to the dry ingredients – don’t over-mix!

4. Spoon into a muffin tin and bake at 200 degrees for approximately 15-18 mins (or 20 mins as our oven is on its last legs and everything takes longer these days!)

We then coloured a basic vanilla buttercream icing blue for the topping and added a few sparkles and butterflies!

Milo’s verdict (he’s licking the icing off the top!): “I like having a blue day and I like blue icing and muffins but not blueberries.” He successfully ate round them. His suspicion of “bits in things” is ever increasing!

Thank you so much to Hogs Back Books for sending me a copy of Hugh’s Blue Day and of course for the tasty recipe. All thoughts are my own and Milo. Be sure to check out the Hogs Back Books blog – it’s a really good read.

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  1. What a lovely moment! Milo is really into that blue icing~Yum.

    February 25, 2012
    • natashaworswick #

      Yes, he is a child who likes icing! Takes after me on that score!!

      February 27, 2012

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