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Red House Children’s Book Awards

This time tomorrow with many thanks to Melanie at Library Mice for inviting me, I shall be at the Red House Children’s Book Awards. I’m a little excited. The shortlist is, as ever with this award, pretty special. The shortlisted titles are nominated entirely by children and the Red House Children’s Book Award is the only children’s book award that does this.

It makes sense though doesn’t it? To have a children’s book award where children actually get to chose which books they want to win. It does to me.

So, if Milo were voting for the winner… well it would be a tough choice I think. We haven’t read all the books on the shortlist together but he has a copy of Hugless Douglas by David Melling at my parent’s house and we’ve read Don’t Worry Douglas! at the library before and he really enjoyed that too. Mick Inkpen is a firm favourite of Milo’s. We’ve lots and lots of the Kipper stories here, and our Bookish Bites for Kipper’s Birthday Party was particular fun for us both despite the use of currants. So far today we’ve read We’re Wearing out the Naughty Step by Mick Inkpen several times. We don’t have a naughty step but the tone of this book sums up the general feeling in our house very well at the moment, especially when the poor mum yells “I’m at the end of my tether!” and smashes a massive slice of chocolate cake into her mouth without using cutlery. Oh yes… these feelings are familiar!

Kali Stileman is also very popular in our house too. How do you choose from such great books? I don’t know, and I haven’t even touched on the books for older children. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is on the shortlist – an amazing book! And Grace by Morris Gleitzman – I’ve not read this yet, but he’s an incredible author.

I’m so looking froward to tomorrow and seeing which books are chosen.

Best of luck to all of those shortlisted!

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  1. Looking foward to meeting you tomorrow!!!

    February 17, 2012

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