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One Kiss, One Hug!

I know it’s the end of Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to get this review up as One Kiss One Hug by Jason Chapman (Random House) is an ideal book to share with a little one on such a day.

One Kiss, One Hug! tells the story of a baby bear called Ben who can’t go to sleep. He tries many different things, covers on, covers off, counting salmon, but he just cannot fall asleep. Maybe he can though if he just calls his mum and dad for one more kiss and hug.

Tonight wasn’t the first time Milo and I shared this book, we read it a few weeks ago with some trepidation. Milo’s never been the best of sleepers and is incredible at procrastinating at bedtime. He can drive us potty with his reasons as to why we should come back up and into his room, the sneakiest yet being “Mummy, Beru bear has fallen out of bed and because it’s bedtime I’m not allowed out of bed, I can’t get him. Come up please.” Honestly. So I had a feeling that this book might give him a whole new angle for him to work with to keep me in his bedroom after light’s out.

I wasn’t wrong! But this is a sweet book that shows the problems of getting a little one into bed from all perspectives. We see Ben struggling and trying on his own to snuggle down and drift off (it’s easy sometimes to forget that they’re not staying awake on purpose!). We also see his poor parents just as they are sitting down to tea, or to eat honey and vanilla ice-cream (yum), or trying to relax with a book having to get up, head upstairs for that one last kiss and hug! Something that we can easily relate to!

Milo loves this story. He points at the mummy and daddy bear and says “they are not very happy with Ben, are they? They want to eat their dinner.” (It astonishes me that he can feel sympathy for the parent bears and not for us when we are trying to get to our dinner!) And while after the first reading (and oddly again this evening), I have had a cheeky call of “one kiss, one hug” at bedtime just as I’ve hit the bottom step, it has also led to a really nice little routine. After the lights have been turned off Milo and I give each other one kiss and one hug, then one more kiss and one more cuddle (cuddle is Milo’s preferred word for hug!). It’s a lovely book and although the end of the book might be a bit tricky to get over if you have only one child (Ben’s baby sister wakes, but he gives her one kiss and one hug and they both fall asleep together before their parents reach their bedroom), we managed it by saying that Beru bear could give Milo cuddles (provided of course, he’s not been tossed out of bed that is!).

A great book to share on Valenitne’s Day. As were these yummy chocolate cupcakes with vanilla marshmallow icing that we made at the weekend.

Tonight’s special race car shaped chocolate was not such a good idea. A bit messy.

One Kiss, On Hug! by Jason Chapman was very kindly sent to us by the good folk at Random House. All views of course are our own.

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