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Christmas baking

I know, I know. It’s the 1st of February already and here I am discussing my Christmas baking. But I wanted to share with you and remind myself how wonderful it is when there is a specific reason to bake, a celebration, an opportunity to try (and scoff) new things. So here we go (minus the Christmas pudding as I don’t like that so didn’t take any photos. I’m reassured by family that it tasted nice and just as a Christmas pudding ought to).

Christmas cake from a Bake-a-Boo bakery recipe. I’m loving this recipe book so much, and, as someone who has only ever eaten Christmas cake for the icing and marzipan before I have to say that this recipe is delicious. Really very tasty! I made it about a month in advance, soaked the fruit for about a week, then baked, later covered with marzipan, then waited approximately a week as you’re meant to do before covering with the icing. It was a weighty cake but fabulous.

Chocolate yule log. I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe from her Christmas book. Very sweet, very indulgent, very much appreciated by my little boy who won’t try anything that has raisins smuggled into it.

The gorgeous wooden scandinavian decorations are from Cox and Cox and have been wrapped up safely in tissue paper ready for next year’s yule log outing.

Peppermint Bark. First spotted on the wonderful Little Cotton Rabbits blog, then tracked to Soule Mama, and then onto the recipe on Orangette. If you’ve never made this before, I urge, urge, urge you to run out, get yourself some white and dark chocolate and make it right now.

We didn’t have any peppermint sweets to break up so I used candy canes instead which felt very Christmassy. These were packaged up and given to friends and family as gifts. And then I just had to make some more for us to eat.

Honestly, so, so good!

For Milo, a gingerbread house inspired by reading Melanie’s Hansel and Gretel week of posts over on Library Mice (and the fact that I’ve been wanting to make one since Milo was born!). This could have been a Bookish Bites and probably will be one day, but I wanted this as an extra pressie for Milo.

There was nearly a disaster when Milo’s dad, helping to hold the roof up while everything set, stuck his finger through it, snapped one side of the roof in half and collapsed the whole left side of the house. No gingerbread builders came to my rescue so instead I just glued it back together with icing and turned the massive crack into a ladder for Santa.

Not sure Milo noticed or cared! Much more interested in eating it and parking his little Ferrari out the front! There were also some cinnamon buns, made from a recipe in my Moomin cook book – we scoffed those on Christmas morning and I forgot to photograph. Incredibly tasty. Hope your Christmas baking was full of festive cheer.



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