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… I’ve been utterly useless at blogging recently. It’s been a smidge of a difficult time. My lovely grandma passed away before Christmas and although expected to a certain extent it has been hard on the whole family. To be honest, I just didn’t feel like blogging at all then and afterward Christmas and work became too overwhelming to have time to fit blogging in (though, although busy and manic, both Christmas and work have been quite enjoyable of late).

And of course, January means the dreaded tax return, the broken promise of last January to do it earlier, and the fine dust of paperwork and confusion that spreads across our little house at this time.

January is also the time for us it would seem, to overhaul rooms and redecorate them. It is undoubtedly brought on by the fact that the sales on and big purchases are more affordable, but it is really the worst time in the whole year to undertake such things.

Things are still manic. And Milo’s asthma is all over the place with this odd weather, as are our veggies in the garden! But, hopefully, soon, I will be back up and running on this little blog again a lot more regularly.

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