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Moomin madness – Milo’s moomin party

Thought you might like a glimpse into the rest of Milo’s moomin birthday party. I made moomin bunting from some gorgeous vintage moomin fabric sourced from this lovely lady on Etsy.

And moomin goody bags (I’m not a fan of plastic goody bags. This is a bit more of an expensive way of doing things though all the backing material is from bits and bobs I already had including a few old pillowcases!).

Milo practised his cutting skills on spare paper while I made these little cardboard moomin decorations. I left out all of Milo’s moomin books so the kids could have a look through (not sure how familiar his little friends are with the moomins!).

Moomin biscuits and pictures of the happy residents of Moominvalley enjoying foody delights were scattered over the buffet table. (used as coasters mostly!).

And a whole heap of other lovely foody items, including macaroons, jammy tarts, flapjacks and these pretty dairy-free cupcakes made from a recipe in the Bake-a-Boo Bakery cookbook which I LOVE and thank Melanie at Library Mice very much for recommending.


We had a second day of partying for family and friends who we couldn’t fit into our tiny house on the Saturday… with an extra Battenburg and apple streusel added to the cake selection baked on Sunday morning.

Oh, and did I mention that I made this car cake for his actual birthday to take into nursery to share with his friends. We had a little car-themed tea party with Milo, just the three of us, when he got home from nursery early on his birthday. Car biscuits, sandwiches, pizza, balloons and pressies… lovely. We wrapped up a new Moomin book on his bed for his bedtime reading. Moomin and the Winter Snow.

I don’t think my mixer has ever had such a busy week! Roll on Christmas!

Oh yes, and with regards to yesterday’s Bookish Bites and Milo’s Moomin cake, I had found a picture of the original illustration of Moominmamma’s cake in my Moomin cookbook. It’s here. Below. And so much more complicated than the one in Moomin and the Birthday Button. I chose to ignore its existence.



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  1. The bunting is gorgeous! It is all very gorgeous in fact.I wish you were my mum :0)
    I use paper bags for party bags because I am no good with needles (OH had to tackle R’s ballet shoes yesterday, not me LOL).

    November 20, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      I can only make bunting, goody bags, sleeping bags for cars (don’t ask!) and lavender pouches. That’s my limit!! Ballet shoes sound hard, remember my mum trying to get me to help her do mine when I went onto points. You have to sew the ends of them or something. It was excruciating! As was ballet really, I’m not coordinated enough!

      November 21, 2011
  2. What a lovely party this must have been! I was inspired by this post and finally bought some Moomin fabric but have no clue how to make bunting. Have you got a good tutorial? Would appreciate any tips, as well as on how to make the goody bags! Oh and did you make the cutouts using cookie cutters as stencils? Thank you! xo

    September 22, 2012

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