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Here we are… the next stop on the Beastie blog tour!

Well, the Fearsome Beastie blog tour appears to be in full swing which is marvelous. So far we’ve seen Giles answer a fair few questions and write a fantastic poem for The Book Sniffer as well as receive some lovely reviews for his book. For my little slot on the tour I wanted to ask him a few questions that felt appropriate to this here little blog at the moment.

The first one’s a question about baking, today is after all technically a Bookish Bites day after all. And by goodness how I agree with Giles’ answers.

Me: What are your top three baked treats?

Giles: The classic victoria sponge, it’s a staple part of our household diet! Millionaire shortbread, it’s got the lot, chocolate, caramel and biscuity goodness, and last but not least I think it has to be the classic coffee and walnut, it’s like the victoria sponge’s more sophisticated brother!

This next one’s for Milo! He’s obsessed with changing nursery rhymes at the moment, mostly to add the word “car”. Baa, baa black car is the one I’m most proud of (“Baa, baa black car, have you any tyres? Yes, yes sir, I’ve got four.” You get the picture!) A little bored with singing about cars, I wanted a bit of inspiration.

Me: How would you rewrite your favourite nursery rhyme in a Fearsome Beastie style?


Twinkle Twinkle little beastie,

Are you looking for a feastie?

Down there in the town below,

Are children playing in the snow?

But look out there’s a psycho gran,

Who’d love to make a beastie flan.

So Twinkle Twinkle little beastie

Don’t go looking for a feastie!


And the last question is just because I do, very much like a scary read and it is almost Halloween. Again, very much approve of Giles’ answer – absolutely love Edward Gorey!

Me: As it’s coming up to Halloween, what are your favourite three scary books, children’s or otherwise?

Giles: The Doubtful Guest by Edward Gorey, anything by Edgar Allen Poe and there’s a book illustrated by a good friend of mine called Ready Steady Ghost, which is a lovely little ghost story!



Of course, we’re no strangers to The Fearsome Beastie. I work for Maverick Books and have met Mr Paley-Phillips in person, as has Milo which was rather lovely. We have also had a Fearsome Beastie inspired Bookish Bites with mini eyeball cupcakes which rather delightfully Giles’ wife Michelle recreated for him on his birthday.


 Michelle’s – definitely a lot more generous with her eyeballs than I was! Lucky Giles.

So, where to next. The next stop on the blog tour is My Book Chatter with Book Chatter Cath – be sure to pop across there tomorrow.

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