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Oliver Jeffers talks about legs…

Is it me, or does Oliver Jeffers look a little bit bored in this video. Like, “urgh… quit asking me about legs people!” Either way – fascinating insight and loving the illustrations popping about in the background.

Thinking about it, Milo often asks about the legs in his books actually. Normally an “oh, look at his legs. Aren’t they funny!” type observation. Yes, yes they are!

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  1. Still, I could listen to him ALL DAY!
    And he must be asked that question so often too! Kids really notice detaisl ini llustrators’ style.. Mine will say “oh look, they are legs like in Oliver jeffers’ books” when we see similar illustrations!!! I am always amazed how many illustrators they can now recognise just from looking at one bit of artwork!

    September 9, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      I know… it must get tedious to be asked the same questions over and over, but the answers are really interesting to us all!

      Milo’s getting good at recognising illustrations too, not illustrators yet though – bit too little I think, but if he sees a book in the library or a shop that’s by an illustrator whose book we have at home, he’ll name our book 🙂 And I just love the funny questions or comments they come out with over an image that is recognisable to us as an artistic interpretation of something, but that they look at so literally. I have a whole post coming up I think on one picture from The Incredible Book Eating Boy of Milo’s interpretation of what’s happened to Henry! Not to mention the fact that when he was very little he had huge angst over that book thinking that it was about our Henry Hoover, not understanding that little boys can also be called Henry!!

      September 9, 2011

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