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A moomin birthday cake…

I’m really enjoying Bookish Bites. I love the time that Milo and I spend together baking and thinking about the books that we read in a different way. I love his excitement when he comes across illustrations of food in books, ones we have made together (“we made this and I ate it all up mummy”) and ones we want to make (“we make this one mummy?”). We have a huge list of future Bookish Bites just from our shared reading.

And this includes his future birthday cake.

Milo’s birthday is in November but he’s been talking about it for months. We have no idea what started him obsessing over it but he’s suddenly very aware that there will be a birthday and it will be his special day. Milo has a little list of things he’d like. I don’t quite know how I feel about this, his list is a bit materialistic (not something we’re trying to encourage) but on it is a blue car with a button on and an ambulance with back doors that open – a toy we had to physically remove him from at a recent asthma clinic appointment when his name was called. We arrived in the consultants office with a revolting, screaming toddler who refused to have his chest listened too. Lovely! He’s not normally like this but it turned out he was really poorly and a bit volatile and we were almost back in the hospital that night with his asthma 😦

Anyway, he’s since added this ambulance to his birthday list and he won’t forget about it either. He doesn’t forget anything.

And so to his birthday. A moomin tea party celebration apparently (he’s obsessed) and the cake from Moomin and the Birthday Button. Ok?

Not really ok. Look at it! Apart from anything, it’s huge! And complicated. And four layers. And leaning to the right.

When he first said all this I felt quite excited. I do really enjoy birthdays and I started thinking of all the wonderful moomin crafting and baking opportunities we now had in preparation for this yet-to-be-organised day of wonderment, but now I feel how poor moomin looks in this picture. And it doesn’t help that Milo’s first words when he wakes up in the morning are often “Pee Hoo it’s my Birthday!” a la from the book (this is of course when they are not, “I went straight to sleep mummy!” – if that includes talking and singing for a full hour before going to sleep, then yes, you did!)

All I can say is that I have two months to practice. So practice I shall. And eat a lot of cake in the process probably. Might not be so bad!

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  1. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!! I am flipping out because I love all things Moomin SO much and I am beyond thrilled that Moomin and the Birthday Button is coming to the U.S. in December!! You should pop over and visit my daughter and I at our site, — I write about Children’s Books and all things fun and cool for kids 🙂 So happy to have found your blog. Take care! Melissa

    August 29, 2011

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