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A conversation about Moomin and the Birthday Button

We’re reading Moomin and the Birthday Button a lot at the moment. Milo’s been fixated with it since meeting a real life moomin at the Pop-Up Festival of Stories earlier this summer. He’s also asked for a moomin tea party for his birthday and the cake from the book as his birthday cake. Curses, because it looks really hard to make. I’ll share another time.

Anyway, while reading Moomin and the Birthday Button the other night, the conversation went a little like this:

Milo: “Mummy, moomin has very small arms.”

Me: “Yes, I suppose he does.”

Milo: “My arms are bigger than moomin’s arms.”

Me: “Yes, they are.”

Milo: “Your arms are very long.”

Me: “Are they? I suppose they are longer than yours, but I never thought of them as very long.”

Milo: “They are.”

Me: “Ok”

Milo: “Moomin has small ears.”

Me (beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get back to the book) “Yes, I guess he does.”

Milo: “My daddy has big ears.”

Me: “Mmmm… bigger than moomin’s ears, that’s for sure.”

Later, and almost at the end.

Milo: “Moomin has a tail. It’s not too big. My tail’s in the cupboard. So is Pablo’s, JB bear’s tail and also yours. I don’t know where daddy’s is.”


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