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Oh my… Orla Kiely children’s books

When I read in the Bookseller yesterday that Orla Kiely will be publishing a new range of baby and toddler books with Egmont books my heart skipped a small beat. As the very happy owner of two Orla Kiely bags and a bedspread and the want-to-be owner of a lot more Orla Kiely designed bits and bobs, I very much liked the idea. Or did I?

I’m a bit like this. I worry about the motives, the transition from designing homeware and fashion to books that will be enjoyed by children and hopefully help to shape their creativity and their imaginations. There are further plans for baby and toddler clothing and kitchenware off the back of the books. I’m sure they will be lovely. How could they not be? But all the same I just hope the quality is there in the storytelling. September is when we’ll find out.

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  1. I love Orla Kiely’s designs too (but I don’t own anything, jsut admiring from afar – ie as far away from my wallet as possible!) but I am not convinced by the idea of her designs being used for board books, when there are sdo many super-talented illustrators that would do a much better job. I guess it will talk to all the fashionata mummies, but will they be buying the books for the right reasons? For the majority, I think not.

    July 14, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      My Orla Kiely bags are v old and bought before Milo was born, I could not afford one now (and my “everyday” bag is looking quite tattered!), bedspread was a wonderful Christmas pressie. It is all white with her signature print kind of embroidered in white on it (such a bad description) and I love it SO much. We just need to re-decorate the bedroom to match!! Agree with your comment… I couldn’t quite figure out the words in my post. – it was a struggle because of really loving Orla Kiely designs so much (and also Egmont’s books). We have a wealth of amazing illustrators that would be able to do these books, but they will sit in the boutiques and be bought by fashionista mums. One thing to think about though is that they will bring in money for the publisher, which might mean they can then take a chance on a new author/illustrator further down the line. At least this is how I hope these things work out 😉

      July 14, 2011

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