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Bookish Bites : This is the Bear marshmallow Pie

Milo was given a lovely slipcase edition of the This Is the Bear stories Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig (Walker Books) from his Grandpa and Grandma.He calls them “the bear, dog and boy books” and really likes them. This is the Bear and the Bad Girl involves a pretty terrible accident where some chocolate fudge cake and marshmallow pie go flying through the air and land on the boy. Then a very naughty, curly haired girl steals the bear away while the boy is getting cleaned up. That got me thinking… marshmallow pie, sounds yummy… In the book, it literally looks like marshmallows in a bowl with whipped cream over the top. But a pie to me means pastry. Surely?

So Milo feeling reasonably enthusiastic about this despite never having had a marshmallow chose to try out the pie over the chocolate fudge cake which I’m sure will have a post of its own soon.

We decided to go a little experimental and try two different ways of making a marshmallow pie. One way was to cover the pie as you would do a traditional dessert pie, the other was to just bake a little casing, adding whipped cream and marshmallows after. I had a feeling that the first idea would be disastrous considering that the pastry would need to be in the oven for 25 minutes and well, I’ve never succumbed a poor marshmallow to such prolonged heat before. We didn’t have time to make our own shortcrust pastry so we used shop bought. The fun for a two and a half year old is in the rolling and shape making.

Our pastry for our cases turned out a little thick as someone got a bit enthusiastic about the cutting before the pastry was properly rolled!

Not to mention the marshmallow never made it into a pie.

So, what seems to have happened was as suspected… marshmallows popped in pie prior to cooking exploded leaving nothing but a small trace of heavily cooked sugary stuff inside. Milo and I went about adding marshmallows to the pastry cases, and plopping a bit of whipped cream on top.

The gorgeous dessert bowls are from Marimekko – a present from my best mate who knows my taste so well. I pull them out at every dessert opportunity! So to the tasting. Do you eat with a spoon?

Or just try and drink it?

The verdict… very sickly. Milo didn’t eat all of his (not sure I’d have let him if honest), and while the pastry was tasty with the marshmallow and cream, I think if we were to do this again we’d stick to the version in the book (though technically not a pie and we were quite faithful!) or google an entirely different recipe altogether!

Mio’s verdict: “It’s wobbly.”

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  1. Franny #

    What a ‘sweet’ article… love the pictures of Milo deciding whether to drink or not. Really made me smile this morning.

    July 13, 2011
  2. So sweet :0)
    Marshamallows are a bit of a pain to bake with but I have a couple of receipes in which they work well, inckuding Hummigbird Bakery’s marshmallow cupcakes.
    I didn’t know Marimekko, but wow, I LOVE their dresses!!!!

    July 14, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      I think we were concentrating far too hard on making it look like the picture in the book and the lack of proper pie element to that picture! I might have that Hummingbird Bakery recipe… must take a look. Marimekko are AMAZING! I have a few things that we bought in Finland (pre-Milo, when visiting the moomin museum!) that I treasure. Their prints and designs are fantastic – I didn’t know they did dresses… uh oh!

      July 14, 2011

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