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{reading moment of the week}

We’ve just moved Milo to a “big boy bed” (his cot minus the sides and with a new endy bit). We only read quiet books to him at bedtime as his noisy ones just tend to overstimulate. But now that he can get out of bed in the mornings by himself, he has free access to his book box. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Every morning this week we’ve been woken up in new and interesting ways:

Monday: In our bedroom, right next to the bed… “I don’t think my sunshine wants to wake up today mummy.” – he’s been told not to get out of bed until his gro-clock is displaying the sun (7 o’clock – reasonable methinks).

Tuesday: In our bedroom, right next to the bed, before the sunshine comes up… “HELLO! Are you sleeping?”

Wednesday: The sound of police car and ambulance sirens at around 6.30am. We both leap up horrified before realising it’s Milo’s Emergency! book.

Thursday: Police cars, ambulances and a dog barking, followed by a tinny version of Wheels on the Bus.

Good grief. What have we done? Still, absolutely no need for an alarm clock anymore. So what’s been your reading moment of the week?


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