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Bookish bites : starting tomorrow!

After yesterday’s mass postings (well, two, but that’s a lot for me) of newness and change, I thought I’d pop back and go into a bit more detail about Bookish bites and how Milo and I are going about things.

I’ve always cooked with Milo. He is much more likely to eat something new or different if we have made it together. And for those of you that know us, Milo’s eating has been somewhat of a challenge since he was properly diagnosed with asthma. He was 10 months when he started getting poorly with his breathing and at the time was weaning onto solids amazingly well, trying anything and everything and loving it all (except mash potato – weird!). When he started getting sick, solids, unless pureed completely, made him gag and a lot of the time it was really hard to get anything into him at all as his breathing made him feel sick. Three months of in and out of hospital totally ruined all the good work we’d done previously and since then we’ve tried pretty much everything to et him back on track but mentally he’s really not up for it. And he’s enormously stubborn like most toddlers!

Cooking together helps. We’ve also been growing our own veggies since having a garden and this is the first year that Milo’s really been involved in that. He’s hugely excited about his potatoes, peas and peppers and has been spotted trying out herbs that ordinarily he’d never go near.

So, onto Bookish bites… this is really an extension of everything else we do with Milo and cooking. It’s mostly baking, but there is a lot of goodness in baking and its process that shouldn’t be excluded. But we’re open to everything.

Each week we’ll choose a children’s book, predominantly picture books as Milo is 2.5 and not quite ready for the culinary delights of Enid Blyton, and read together picking out the cake or other bake in the book that sounds tasty. Then we’ll make it (provided we have all the ingredients to hand!).

I try and involve Milo in as many stages as I can. He adores machinery so if you see my Kitchen Aid mixer appear a few times – it’s not a cop out and it’s not that I’m not letting him be messy. Milo loves the mixer, he knows how to work it (always supervised) and he enjoys the process of putting ingredients in and seeing what happens with them.

Safety first. Milo sits on a stool most of the time when we’re cooking, with his legs wedged in against our kitchen units. It is safe and he’s never more than an arms length away from me as our kitchen is teeny. It’s not ideal though as he doesn’t always have the best freedom of movement and he can’t get down without help. We’re looking into getting him a steeping stool to stand on. He’s a pretty tall kid so it might be perfect for him now and not just for the kitchen.

We’ll be using recipe books for some of our Bookish bites and I will always reference and link to those books when we do. I do also like to make up our own recipes so there’ll definitely be a bit of that, and there are of course the recipes that have been in my head for years and changed over time that I can’t remember where I got them from in the first place (probably my mum!).

That’s about it really. Please do though let me know if you have any suggestions for picture books we can try with lovely bites in.

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