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This little blog’s future…

It’s been a quiet old month for me blogging wise. I’ve been really busy sorting out my new work website (thankfully up and running now), working, taking care of Milo who has been all wheezy for a while now due to the changing weather and then there’s all of that trying to keep the house reasonably tidy business. But I have also spent a little time thinking about this blog, what it means to me and whether or not I’d like to continue with it.

When I started blogging it was as an opportunity to start something that would keep me in touch with the world of children’s publishing that I work in and feel passionately about while taking a short break to care for my new baby. I feel it has changed quite a bit since those first few months of posting, as everything does when a new little person comes into your life. My blog has become a lot more about wanting to keep a record of the books Milo and I read together and the fun they inspire us to do.

Our reading has changed too over the past years, as has Milo’s level of interaction with books. So this is what I’ve been thinking. I want to continue blogging. I really enjoy it and without my blog, my little world would truly not be the same. I’ve met some lovely, lovely people through blogging and have been so inspired, reassured, comforted, amused by other blogs that it’s definitely not something I wouldn’t want to continue being a part of.

But as well as trying to do all the usual things that I blog about a bit better (i.e. more regularly!), and on a fancy pants new blog template (I cant stop tweaking since sorting out my site), I also want to share with you something that Milo and I have been doing for a while now, well probably since I’d recovered enough from his birth and had my hands a bit more free, and that’s cooking. If you read this blog regularly you’ll know that I love baking and I love eating and I love children’s books. And Milo and I really like combining all of these things.

Food is an essential ingredient in children’s books and there is an abundance of writing on food and the part it plays in children’s literature. The majority of writing about it tends to focus mainly on young fiction upwards. Think Enid Blyton’s lashings of Ginger Beer and JK Rowling’s feasts, Roald Dahl’s bizarre and wonderful foody inventions. But, food is also ever present in picture books for children and this is what Milo and I have really started noticing in his books. And after we decided to make Rocket to the Moon lemon cupcakes one day just for fun, we have kind of got into a roll of spotting and making lots of other treats we’ve seen in his books.

When I got to thinking about it, and then looking through all of our books that we have at home, I soon realised that there are a huge amount of adventures in cooking that we can have together just through sharing our regular reads.

So, each week we will be sharing with you our bookish bites. A regular (hopefully!) Wednesday section on the blog where Milo and I choose a book and bake or cook from it. Well, let’s face it, mostly bake because we all do really just love cake and biscuits, and of course biscuity cakes. You’ll know it’s a Bookish Bites post because there’ll be this little button popped at the top (thanks to Ash who helped me out on my website refresh!).

The first one will be on Wednesday so come back and check, but if you have a favourite book with a marvelous culinary delight in that you’d like to see us try, then feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Zoe #

    Glad to hear you’re hoping to be back here a little more regularly! Can’t wait to read (and salivate over) your bookish bites.

    June 14, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      Yes, looking forward to posting more regularly again. The last few months have been way too hectic! 🙂

      June 14, 2011

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