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Happy Easter!

I’m never too sure what to do about Easter as we’re not religious. When I was growing up Easter was a time for getting together with lots of family, meeting up and pushing the boundaries of how much chocolate one person can eat and is allowed to eat. My mum would do a mini Easter egg hunt knowing full well that the grandparents would shower me and my cousins with a vast quantity of large eggs and pressies.

This is how we’ve approached it with Milo really and we started a while back with an Easter crafting and making day as we were seeing some family early. This is what we got up to.

We shared what books we could find with an Easter theme. I use the term “theme” loosely as we could only really find books with chicks in and farms and well… it’s tricky isn’t it. Nosy Crow have written a fab blog post with Easter book ideas which is really helpful if you’re stuck. I’ll be using it next year I think.

We then moved on to the all important Easter nest making as gifts for family. I honestly cannot get through Easter without making these, even before Milo was born. There’s something just so ridiculously lovely about Easter nests. They make me happy. Full child friendly recipe over on the Recipe for Reading page though when rock solid out of the fridge they are probably not really a suitable accompaniment to a book – they need your full attention.

It got a little messy.

Here’s Milo pointing at the Easter nests that were going to be his. Apparently all of them. This did not happen.

Making these is a little like messy play but with a tasty result at the end.

Then it was time to make our Easter cards. Inspired by Maggy from RedTedArt’s wonderful Easter craft columns in the Guardian we decided to go with the thumb print chicks. And they were brilliant fun to make!

And I think look fantastic as a finished card too. I stamped Happy Easter on them with my Grandpa’s old stamping set he gave me, and on the back (in case anyone was in any doubt) Made by Milo | Thumb print chicks. Yay – love them.

So what about today? Well, he’s too little for a full blown Easter egg hunt so we’re doing something a bit smaller scale. When he wakes up there’ll be a piece of yellow wool leading out of his bedroom down, the hall, down the stairs and eventually into the living room. Along the way a few Easter pouches I’ve made with some pressies in, some chocolate some small Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

he trail will lead to an Easter picnic in the living room with a few more pressies and croissants. Milo loves croissants! I’m hoping he will enjoy it all. What’s everybody else up to today? Hope you all have a lovely Easter.

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  1. Hope you had a lovely day and Milo liked his book!

    April 24, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      He loved it – thank you! And we bought some peas today which will be planted tomorrow so he’ll soon see how they look “inside” and “outside” (though he is familiar with outside, but is still reluctant to eat one!). Hope you had a happy easter!

      April 25, 2011

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