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A bookish party – incredible!

I have a small confession to make. I am a little obsessive about reading American party planning sites and American house reveal sites. Namely Sara’s Party Perfect and Hooked on Houses. Am I just nosy? Hooked on Houses I like to think, is a set design thing because I studied film and this interests me, but really it’s probably just that I want to see more of the houses that appear in films I like and celebrity houses. I am, I’m nosy.

The party planning thing is just all about the cake and the detail. You just wouldn’t get parties like this in England, would you? I think we’re a bit more relaxed and traditional and this is so not a bad thing, but I do love the level of detail and thought that goes into these “events” and this one on Sara’s Party Perfect caught my eye recently. A children’s book party courtesy of Amelie’s House blog:

These pictures really do speak for themselves, but honestly pop over there to take a look at the rest of them and the party description.

I don’t think I could possibly cut up Milo’s old picture books to make bunting, but photocopying pages, yes, I could definitely do that. The bunting is very cute.

I like the bookish activity element to this party too.

Honestly, I dread to think how long it would take to organise something like this. It took me yonks just to make all the cake for Milo’s second birthday party (having forgotten I’d already made a load and they were in my mum’s freezer), but with all the extra details on top. Phewf!

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