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Something about this interests me…

Probably not normally the sort of book I would naturally pick up in a bookshop, but reading about Grace Dent’s forthcoming book with Faber /Guardian Books about leaving Twitter does actually sound quite intriguing. This is how The Bookseller describes it:

“Dent joined Twitter three years ago, and in the title takes a “hilarious acerbic look at what’s really going on in Twitterworld”, including the highs and lows of Twitter addiction, “Twanking”, Twitter cliques, “Twitchfork mobs” and dealing with trolls.”

What about you? Do you think you’ll be reading it? How To Leave Twitter  will be published as an e-book on 26th May 2011, and as paperback original on 2nd June.


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  1. That sounds right up my street. I imagine we can expect a surfeit of social media books of this kind. Has anyone written a novel in 140 character chunks yet?

    March 16, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      Oooh – I don’t know. Someone must have or at least be in the process of thinking about it! I’m surprised to be honest that we haven’t seen more social media books of this type already. I guess there could be a worry that social media moves so quickly that by the time you write the book (however long), and publish (at least a year and this is presuming that you have an agent, publisher ready and waiting), people will have moved on to the next Twittery thing and your book is already “old hat”. I love that expression. Old hat. I’m going to try and put that into as many sentences as I can today. “Oh Milo, being afraid of floating sock fluff in your bath is so terribly “old hat” of you.” For example.

      March 16, 2011

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