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What Milo got up to on World Book Day 2011

Thursdays are usually one of my Milo days if I’m not too hectic with work, which to be fair I am right now but my wonderful childcare team happen to be up a snowy mountain on a much needed skiing holiday (as if running around after a crazed toddler from time to time isn’t energetic enough!), so today was a mummy and Milo day. And I was very happy about that too.

We haven’t been terribly organised about it being World Book Day though. My fault I think. I was busy organising myself and slightly forgot about the little guy and how he might like to celebrate. But our adhoc celebratory day of book related fun was definitely a lot better than expected.

In the morning we went to the library to run around like crazy beans and renew our lovely full quota of books which we still have from Save Our Libraries day.

Then, off to Caterpillar Music. This is our Thursday morning treat and I absolutely see this class as an extension of the book. We sing songs, chant rhymes, play with musical instruments and finish with the Hokey Kokey. I cannot ever envisage an adult music class being as much fun as this.

Home for lunch, to make flapjacks from Pooh’s cookbook, a play, then books – we read That’s Not My Robot and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – a current favourite.

Then Milo took a good long nap, while I made the book tent.

I’ve made a few dens and tents in my time, but it turns out that we don’t have enough living room furniture to really make a good one, and a wooden floor is definitely a set back in making the tent/den as cosy as possible. I had to use our dining room chairs and living room rug, but it was nice inside. We were inspired by the idea of a reading tent as a fundraising event idea on the Book Aid International site and on Cathy’s Nurture Store blog.

I gathered a selection of books together at  random, but Milo’s loving Richard Scarry’s Storybook Dictionary a lot at the moment. We have to go through the pages picking out all the cars. Milo then asks what the car is doing and I tell him. This book used to belong to me and I still find it endlessly enjoyable. We had our flapjacks while we read.

Then Milo found more practical uses for his books. Tunnels for his cars.

We’ve always had storytime and milk downstairs before Milo’s bath. Tonight we read Mr Magnolia and Stick Man – two absolute favourites of his. And Milo had a special World Book Day milk. We went to a popular pizza restaurant recently where they serve Babyccinos and he’s asked and asked us for one every night, so I figured today was as good a day as any to warm, froth and sprinkle his milk with a light dusting of chocolate powder. Oh the excitement!

Before bed we read another couple of books with daddy. Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers (my least favourite of his titles) and Tickle Tickle by Helen Oxenbury.

I think it’s been a good day. I’ve certainly enjoyed it and the little man zonked out pretty quickly so I’m hoping he did too. Happy World Book Day!

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  1. chix #

    Awesome Tasha, we’ve actually declared it ‘book week’ at our school with focus on today as world book day. We focused on Michael Lawrence (Jiggy McCue series) and had loads of fun doing activities based on the characters in his books (including designing our very own ‘killer underpants’!).

    This afternoon, we went down to our link class and read ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ which I’m sure you know! Then did lots of activities involving dancing, playing music, re-creating the dancing scene with lego, and writing prescriptions for other animals with shortcomings! It was chaos, but awesome and definitely got them all hyped up about books! We sent them all away with a voucher for a free book too.

    Then I got home and read numerous books with my little ones, finishing with an all time Alhberg fave: pepo. Love it love it love it!

    March 3, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      Aw that’s great. Be sure to let the folks at World Book Day and Book Aid International know what you’ve done. Sounds like you’ve had a great week. I think the idea of a whole book week is really good. It’s hard to make just one day of book related activity fit into one day and it gives you so much more scope to spread it over a week. Giraffes Can’t Dance is a fantastic book – might have to get that from the library for Milo. Peepo’s been read in this household this week too. I love it so much and there is so much for Milo to tune into – he’s now obsessed with the borders Janet drew and checks each one for the little pic of the car. So we turn the page and he says “no, not this one, no car…” we read and then turn “no car on this one, what’s that?” points at the dummy! Questions, questions all the time 🙂

      March 4, 2011

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