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Missing in action…

I’ve not been able to post much recently as I’ve been really busy with work and especially the World Book Day campaign for Book Aid International – very excited about tomorrow!

But there have been a couple of things that have caught my eye that I’ve wanted to post about so instead I’m just going to head you off in the right direction for them all.

Booktrust has had some more funding news and although it’s not perfect, things are in no way looking as bleak as they were at the end of last year which is fantastic news. More info here. And while you’re on the Booktrust site you can look at the winners of the Blue Peter Children’s Book awards that happened yesterday.

Next, head on over to Library Mice to read all about the Red House Children’s Book Prize shortlist. It’s a good shortlist don’t you think? If you scroll down, you’ll find a lovely piece about World Book Day and Book Aid International too.

There was also the news about the lost Enid Blyton manuscript which I’m sure you’ve all read about by now, but if not The Bookseller has a piece on it.

Phewf – I think that’s at least some of the things I wanted to share. I‘ll be taking part in Tweet Talk Give tomorrow. I finished my Jodi Picoult, that was a disappointing ending – I guessed the twist very early on. I’ll be reading my Murakami furiously tonight I think as I haven’t got very far – it’s great though, so if you want to take part in Tweet Talk Give, just head over to James’ blog and let him know!




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