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One week to go until World Book Day

And there seems to be so much going on.

As I think I mentioned a little while ago, I have been busily working away with Book Aid International on their social media campaign for World Book Day, as well as doing a little blogging over on the new Book Aid International blog.  Well, there’s now just a week left until World Book Day on Thursday 03 March. I’m going to be taking part in Tweet Talk Give in the evening, but haven’t started reading the book yet. It’s this:

But I’m reading this and although I think I figured out what actually happened in the first quarter of the book, I really need to find out how it ends:

I’m hoping for a twist but I have a feeling there isn’t one, just an incredibly sad ending. We shall see. Soon though, so I can get my reading done for Tweet Talk Give.

In the meantime, I’ve been asked to mention that Tidy Books have a fantastic competition they are running for World Book Day and Book Aid International. They’ve been asking for people to share their favourite children’s books or the book that changed their life over on their Facebook page. For every four nominations, Tidy Books will give Book Aid International £2 or $3. Just £2 can send a book to Africa. They are also having a Prize Draw on World Book Day and will be giving away a Tidy Books bookcase. Well, we all know what I think of their gorgeous bookcases so I will definitely be looking out for that!

I’m finding it hugely difficult to think of my favourite children’s book or the book that changed my life as several leap out at me all at once! What are yours? But please, don’t share them here – head over to Tidy Books Facebook page and nominate there.

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