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Phewf – what a haul!

On Saturday we visited Blackheath Library and took out our full quota of books on Milo’s card (and a few on ours too). He had a great time too sitting on squishy chairs, reading.

Amongst our haul was Meg’s Mummy by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski (Milo is loving Meg and Mog at the moment, absolutely loving them!), a Ladybird Wheels on the Bus nursery rhymes book, Jan Fearnley’s Are We  There Yet? and Brushing My Teeth – a DK book.

Milo has always hated having his teeth brushed. He screams, kicks, bites, wriggles and generally has to be pinned down to get a good brush done. We’ve tried everything I can think of; brushing our teeth at the same times, brushing Beru, his bear’s teeth, brushing the radiators on his cars and even pretending that his teeth are train tracks and the tooth brush is a train. Nothing works. So, now we’re trying a book. I honestly don’t hold out much hope for it – Milo’s pretty stubborn when it comes to his teeth, but isn’t it great that there is a book out there to even tackle this subject? We had friends over in the afternoon who are reading a lot of potty training books with their daughter at the moment. Think those might be on our list for our next library trip. I only hope that there is still a library in Blackheath to visit.

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  1. Hooray you for going to the library -we must go soon, I know my son would enjoy it (haven’t been back WITH him since he was a baby)… next afternoon with nothing planned, we will go.

    February 7, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      It really is good fun. Milo is lucky and has a lot of books at home, but gets exposed to so many different books and authors at the library. He does try though sometimes to take out the same books that he has at home which makes me laugh. He gets very excited if he comes across something familiar!

      February 7, 2011

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