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Dick King-Smith

I’ve just read the sad news that Dick King-Smith has died at the age of 88. For me he was one of those authors whose books were just always around to read. In school, in the library, at home. And you never seemed to run out of his books to read (apparently he wrote over 100 since 1978 – coincidentally, the year I was born so just in time for me to consume a lot of them).

Like a lot of people I think The Sheep-Pig was probably my favourite of his books though I absolutely loved watching The Queen’s Nose on children’s telly after school.


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  1. Hasn’t been a good week for honest to goodness geniuses. He leaves behind a fantastic body of work.

    January 5, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      I know… bit of a depressing week really for the first one a New Year. It’s an amazing body of work and reading some of the articles that are circulating are really reminding me of the many books of his I read, and also haven’t read. I might have to delve back into them for a little while. Thanks for stopping by!

      January 6, 2011
  2. Oh that’s sad. I too was a massive fan (also born in 1978)..and read loads of his books during childhood and have passed them onto Maisie to enjoy today. The Sheep Pig, also a favourite…and Martin’s Mice too. I didn’t know he’d written that many books though! I’ll have to search them out.
    Happy New Year by the way. Hope you are all well. We’re moving to London very soon and are very much area hunting! I know you are a resident…so was wondering if you might be able to recommend a place, or places for me to research into living…family-friendly etc…good to get actual opinions other than googling everything, (we will be renting). So far I’m looking in the South East…Dulwich/Forest Hill/Blackheath/Greenwich…but who knows! My husband’s family are North-East, but we don’t mind being South. Maybe if you get a spare moment, (not many of them, I know), you could email me. Thanks and sorry for long comment…why didn’t I just email you?! Byeeee 🙂

    January 6, 2011
    • natashaworswick #

      I’ve kept all of mine for Milo when he’s older… our house is creaking with the amount of books we have now! I have emailed you with a lengthy introduction to the areas of South East London that I know and love (South East Londoner all my life!). That’s an exciting move – are you looking forward to it?

      January 6, 2011

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