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Christmas stockings and a Scholastic sale

So I’ve been thinking about stocking fillers and the huge stocking that we finally settled on buying for Milo last year that is intended to be his stocking forever more. It’s sort of like a pillow case. I didn’t predict the recession and how tricky it is to work through one of those when you are self-employed. Plus we really don’t need to be thinking of more toys as he has grandparents and aunts and uncles that spoil him rotten and therefore he already has more toys than a child could ever want… but he’s been good and Father Christmas will be visiting.

But this year we’re likely to have an empty stocking next to the giant wrapped up box that contains a garage for his cars that I bought on offer from the ELC four months ago because I know my boy likes cars and I know I like an offer when I see one/am a little broke.

It doesn’t fit in the stocking, I’ve tried. And it’s Christmas. There has to be a bulky stocking.

My friend who’s an ace copywriter and who I used to work with when I was at Walker Books, now works at Scholastic. He kindly emailed me to let me know about this fab sale they have on where all the books are just £1. So that’s what I’m thinking. Spend a fiver and at least then he’ll have something in the stocking and Father Christmas will be visiting, and some (more) new books to read is a great pressie.

I might choose some for when he’s a little older, to grow into. Scholastic cover all ages and have books from lots of different publishers… I might also get him a dressing gown as he doesn’t have one and it ‘s chilly. That’ll bulk it out a bit more.

And then there will be cinnamon toast on Christmas morning as is the tradition in this household and this year we get to find out if that’s something he likes the taste of so it’s all good.

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