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Milo’s birthday book haul part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that Milo was super poorly over his birthday and wasn’t able to enjoy his birthday very much, but he did have his wonderful Waterstone’s gift vouchers to look forward to.

We incorporated a book store trip into what we had originally planned for his actual birthday day treat (a visit to the Transport Museum). And he had a great day – just look at all the books he picked out.

He had great fun choosing them too. After racing around like a crazy person for the first few minutes (20 minutes if I’m honest and a few trips in the lift), he started spending some quality time browsing the shelves. The library has given us good practice at this though he is still prone to pulling a few books down from time to time. We sat and read a fair few on the comfy cushions in the shop.

He’s loving Thomas the Tank Engine right now so the latest edition to the collection is Murdoch.

We now also have The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers which I absolutely love (it’s the little tree houses I think) and although Milo likes it a lot, but for him it isn’t a patch on How to Catch a Star and Way Back Home which we have to read every. single. night. at the moment or he has a small meltdown. I am sure though that it is just a matter of time before he adds The Great Paper Caper to this routine. I’m really interested in taking a look at the Oliver Jeffer’s Heart and Bottle ipad app that HarperCollins have just published and am hoping it will come out as an iphone app at somepoint as I reckon Milo would love it.

But by far his favourite title that we chose together is All Join In by Quentin Blake. He love, love, loves this book. So much. I read the whole thing three times the other evening with enormous gusto before bath time and then his daddy came home and was forced (literally “daddy read all in. sit on sofa daddy. daddy read now”) to read it again. And it is tremendous fun and he does love to join in.

I cannot emphasise more, how great it is to read poetry to children. The rhyming, the repetition and most importantly the enjoyment.

So, despite his poorlyness over his actual birthday, I think it turned out pretty well. He’s a lucky boy!

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