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Off to the beach…

Milo often spends a Tuesday with his Nana and Granddad so that I can crack on with work. Because he’s had so many colds and infections recently it was decided that Tuesday this week would be spent at the beach in Whitstable blasting him with the sea air. And blasting my dad with the sea air too as he has Milo’s horrid virus. I’d have liked a blasting myself having been poorly now for over a week, but I had to work. So I waved goodbye to my little boy and his Grandparents as they set off for their day of walks, pebbles and chips on the front and went back inside to feel a bit sorry for myself.

Packing his bag ready for his exciting trip out I thought it would be good to include some beach themed books. I spent quite a while sifting through his book shelves to find that we don’t have very many obviously beach themed titles.

But I chose; Alphabet Ice-Cream (there’s a beach and they have ice-cream which feels always feels like the seaside), Magic Beach (this was a gift from my cousin who lives in Australia and who’s beaches are quite different to ours!), Baby Touch: Sea (a touchy feely beach themed book I’ve mentioned before here), The Little Red Train: Race to the Finish (they visit Barnacle Bay and have an ice-cream on the way back), and Stick Man (this is quite a loose fit – there is a beach and the daddy builds a sandcastle using Stick Man for a mast but it was also a tactical addition as Milo loves it and if he’s getting a bit grumpy we often whip this out!).

Milo chose to pack one of his new Thomas the Tank Engine books that has no beach in it whatsoever!

Well, by all accounts they had a great day. The Magic Beach was enjoyed on the front before Milo’s nap in his buggy.

Good food was eaten, and a few pebbles were collected for the beach role play Milo’s nursery has set up this week.

And when my little man got home we whisked the pics off my parent’s digital camera and watched his day back as a slideshow snuggled up on the sofa. He really loves nothing more than seeing himself in photos. We followed this with Stick Man and The Little Red Train: Race to the Finish before bedtime.

And as for all his germs being blasted away, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Lucky him (but not so lucky about the virus), looks lile a fab day, and gorgeous weather. It is shockingly wet in the West Country!

    November 18, 2010
    • natashaworswick #

      Yes – I’ve seen the news, hope the weather is calming down and you are getting a few sunny, chilly days like we’ve had recently. The beach was a definite hit – he’s been telling me about his pebbles and stones all week! Mum, dad and I are still poorly but Milo is a lot better!

      November 19, 2010

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