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Milo’s birthday book haul!

Oh he cleaned up on the book front so very well for his second birthday! And all of his new books feel like presents for us too as it is really great to read something different to him that hasn’t been read a hundred times before (not that I mind but, well, you know…). Thank you family and friends!

Here’s what he got.

And they are all big, immediate hits. Of course Milo was poorly in and around his birthday and he spent his party quietly sucking his fingers and twiddling his hair in the laps of grandparents and his auntie Claire. But the new infusion of books definitely helped to perk him up through what was a very stinky, heavy cold (I should know, I’ve had it for the past week).

He’s loving Maisy books right now, and Meg and Mog (that’s Meg on the Moon in the picture) and anything by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler so we asked his auntie if she’d mind getting him Zog. I felt a little nervous about it, worrying whether it would live up to the other titles he has by this fantastic pairing, but a review on Library Mice confirmed that we should get it! 13 Paintings Children Should Know is a definite read for the next National Non-Fiction Day! His copy of Mog, the forgetful cat is even signed by Judith Kerr – especially for Milo!

We got him the little Dr Seuss Pocket Library collection, and I bought a second set, including one of the books in each of the goody bags I made for his little friends that came.

Milo was so poorly at his birthday party he didn’t even want any cake and there was an awful lot to choose from.Probably too much – it was a much smaller affair than his first birthday, but I got a little carried away!

I made sure all his favourite bakes were there, jam tarts, biscuits in the shapes of bears and cars, banana cakes, the blueberry muffins from Baking for Kids… and of course a special birthday car cake. None of which appealed to him enough to want to try eating.

But, he does have something to look forward too.

From his Auntie Annette and Uncle Roger. We’re going to take him to the giant Waterstones on Charing Cross Road and let him loose in the children’s section! The last time I did this there he refused to get back in his buggy and it all got rather messy (I was that parent with that child!).

I’ll let you know how we get on and what Milo chooses.

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  1. Wow, what a fab birthday party, and what gorgeous cakes (I knew you would!).
    I always give books in party bags (for my son’s 8th birthday last month, they all got a Horrible Histories book) but unfortunately as my two get older, their friends seem more and more unimpressed by the fact that they don’t get tat or sweets in the bags!

    November 18, 2010
  2. natashaworswick #

    Thank you! I went slightly overboard on the cakes and totally failed to remember that I’d made a load of stuff, frozen it at my mum’s house ready for the party and so I panicked baked in the last few days. His birthday cake was quite scary to make as I’ve never used sugarpaste before – pleased how it turned out though!

    We’ve been to a couple of birthday parties and I think all the party bags have had books in which is great, but I can imagine that they get harder to please as they get older. Though I think that receiving a Horrible Histories book is a really cool idea.

    November 19, 2010

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