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National non-fiction day – it’s here!

It’s National non-fiction day! All our books are ready for a day of replacing Milo’s story books with non-fiction. Here’s what we have:

Seriously though, National non-fiction day couldn’t have happened on a better day for us. It’s almost as if Scholastic and the FCBG planned it around my calendar (thank you!).

This morning Milo’s dad and I have to take Milo to hospital for his asthma clinic check-up… these appointments are hit and miss. Sometimes I’ve just got there, he’s been weighed, measured and in to see his consultant within ten minutes. The longest I’ve had to wait though is two and a half hours over a nap time. It was awful… he wouldn’t sleep in the buggy, was cranky, irritable, hungry, not hungry, thirsty, not thirsty, very tired, not at all fussed about any of the toys and quite honestly I was close to tears when we were finally seen.

So, we’ve been hiding away some of Milo’s favourite non-fiction titles especially for today and for this appointment. We plan to take Things That Go, Insects and Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Words. He loves all of them and I’m hoping they’ll keep him settled before he’s seen.

Since his language spurt we’ve found that non-fiction books are a fantastic resource for conversation. Things that Go has been used before to keep him happy and interested when we stop for coffee during days out. He’s shared it with both his Granddad and his Grandpa Paul and even though a lot of the emergency vehicles are American as opposed to English, he loves recognising the different vehicles and telling us what they are. He also loves shouting “nee naw” very loudly.

It will be appropriate reading for our hospital trip too as he’ll be seeing real ambulances and possibly some police cars.

I’ve written about Insects before but needless to say, he is still really enjoying it. He calls it either the bumblebee book or Ivy book (after my cousin’s daughter who gave it to us). It’s a winner for gentle, calm activity and he knows that if he gets it off his shelf when he should be getting ready for his bath, we will most likely read it to him because it is short. Clever.

Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Words I’ve also written about before but we are now using this in a different way. Milo’s begun to recognise colours and knows ten already though does get a little muddled between black and white, so Lucy Cousin’s fantastic illustrations with such deep primary colours are perfect for a little boy who loves Maisy and loves telling you what colour everything is. We have to do the “things that go” page and the “it’s noisy” page a fair few times each read for him to be completely happy!

The rest of our day will be a frenzied amount of baking in preparation for Milo’s birthday party – he’s two on Sunday and having a little party on Saturday. How on earth did he get to be two so quickly!

What are you all up to today?

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  1. I hope the hospital appointement went well.
    We are still up to our ears in puppy books here! :0)

    November 4, 2010

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