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Blueberry muffins – Baking for Kids

I was a little bit cheeky when Top That! Publishing approached me to ask if I’d like to review some of their books on my blog, and dropped a hint that their Baking For Kids book looked pretty good. I love baking and I enjoy trying to get Milo interested in it (with varying degrees of success). It’s something we can do together when it’s raining and, as an audit of my kitchen cupboards a few weekends ago revealed, we’ve always got ingredients to hand.

I thought I’d include this review as part of my National non-fiction day posts as recipe books for kids are non-fiction and are a fantastic way to interact with a child and a book in a different way to the usual snuggling with a story. I can still see the cover of the children’s baking book my mum and I used to use when I was little so they are books that can create memories of a completely different and very tasty kind.

The reason I was interested in the Baking for Kids book was partly down to the format. It can be used as a free standing recipe book which makes it really easy to read the recipe as you go along, and when baking with kids it makes it easier to point out what I am reading and the pictures on the page.

So this afternoon and in preparation for Milo’s birthday party we’ve been making some blueberry muffins. Milo enjoyed pointing at the pictures and shouting cake very loudly!

This is the second time we’ve used this recipe and it’s still easy and the results are still great. Muffins aren’t always the most healthy of treats for children, but this recipe is choc full of blueberries… 300 grams worth and more importantly, Milo loves them! He is an incredibly fussy eater and prefers his fruit to be mushed up entirely before he’ll go near it and has never tried a blueberry properly – he treats them with suspicion and contempt.

Pack them in a muffin though and he will gobble it all up and, although there is a little sugar in this recipe which we normally try to avoid, the sheer amount of fruit makes up for it.

We’ll be making the mini-pizzas for his party as well. We have a few recipes for mini pizzas but I like this one because it tells me to use pizza base mix as opposed to make it myself which, with the huge amount of cake I intend to make this weekend for the party, I just don’t have the time to do. I feel like Baking for Kids has acknowledged that!

It’s a good book with lots of simple and easy ideas that should hopefully keep little ones engaged. And it’s a fun thing to do together.

If you want more ideas about cooking with your child check out Nick’s My Daddy Cooks blog. I absolutely loved watching 2 year old Joseph make Rocky Road (and the Bookstart bag hanging in the background). Seriously – loads of enthusiasm and fun on this blog.

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  1. How cute is Milo!
    Those muffins look fab and I am soooooooooooo jealous of your stand mixer! Is it a Kitchen Aid? I think as far as non-fiction goes, my biggest collection is definitely my cookery book collection! Not as big as Nigella’ though!

    November 4, 2010
    • natashaworswick #

      Nigella’s collection is amazing isn’t it? And I love the way everything is categorised. My second baby (my stand mixer) is indeed a Kitchen Aid… bought for Christmas last year with two years worth of John Lewis birthday and Christmas vouchers from my very generous family. It felt like a very selfish buy but quite honestly it is going to last for ages and ages, it is a beautiful object in itself that we get enjoyment out of every day and I have never made as many cakes before as I have since getting it – which ultimately my family eat most of! My cookery book collection is definitely my biggest non-fiction collection too.

      November 4, 2010

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