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A great National Non-Fiction Day!

It’s been a long day for us. Milo’s dad has been home all day, too infectious with conjunctivitis to go to work, we’ve had asthma clinic (an hour wait then Milo dozed off in his buggy for ten mins on the way home and then refused to take a proper nap – he was a joy all afternoon!), a costume change for a grumpy toddler, baked some yummy muffins and read some great books. We’ve also slightly relied on them for some peaceful time and rest for Mr extremely overtired.

I’ve really enjoyed replacing our story books with non-fiction and Milo definitely has.

He’s fascinated by the books we have and what’s available to him here and in the library, and I know that as he grows older there are going to be some brilliant non-fiction books for him to devour (I can’t wait for Horrible Histories).

I have to admit that one story book crept in at bedtime (Oliver Jeffers’ Way Back Home), but Milo was ragged by then and demanding “back home boy aerodar.”

Areodar translated means aeroplane. Dar used to be his word for car and so I think he first thought that aeroplanes were flying cars. Which I guess they kind of are in a way. Aerodar has stuck even though he can say plane now.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fab, first national non-fiction day!

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