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It’s National Non-Fiction day tomorrow and we’re busy preparing to replace all our normal fiction reads with non-fiction. I’m a bit nervous actually as Milo always has stories before his nap and bedtime so he has a chance to relax into his sleep and we generally reserve non-fiction for activity time as he gets very enthusiastic. I’m wondering how it will all work out (will he sleep most importantly!), plus now that he can reach his bookshelf he has a tendency to pull out exactly what he wants to snuggle up with.

That book has been Meg and Mog for the past few days and Milo can say “mummy read Mog” over and over until I give in, so I have a feeling that a few story books will creep into our day.

Milo’s very much enticed by everything and anything transport at the moment so we’re going to focus on that. Boys are notoriously harder to encourage when it comes to reading but they are also much more likely to head towards non-fiction titles and fact based books than girls.

Milo loves listening and joining in with stories but he definitely already has a huge interest in non-fiction. As Melanie over on LibraryMice says – it’s all about finding the right book for the child and the results from that can be fantastic.

I think it goes without saying that non-fiction is hugely important in our lives. For children it has been somewhat overlooked I feel and considered less important or even (gasp!) boring in comparison with fiction. This really isn’t the case. If you want to find out more about non-fiction and its place within your child’s reading experience try these articles to start you off and of course the National non-fiction day website:


The Real World is a Great Story Too

Getting boys into reading through non-fiction: from Trevor Cairney’s blog, Literacy, Families and Learning

Early Years Reading: First Encounters with Non-Fiction: Books for Keeps – this article mentions the fantastic Read and Wonder series by Walker Books.

Fantastic Fiction for Kids: Fiction about Non-Fiction: Playing by the Book blog. This is a great post from Zoe with her guest blogger Natalie from Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns. Lots of fab links to check out.


I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow!


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  1. Thanks for linking to me! I’m looking forward to tomorrow too… should be fun 🙂

    November 3, 2010

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