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National non-fiction day: November 4th

Thursday 4th October marks the first annual National Non-Fiction Day. The lovely Melanie at Library Mice alerted me to this and sent me some information about the day and its purpose which I’ve pasted below for you:


The Federation of Children’s Book Groups is delighted to announce the launch of an annual National
Non-Fiction Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of the best information and narrative non-
fiction books for children.  The scheme has been launched in association with Scholastic, the home
of many renowned non-fiction series, including the best-selling Horrible Histories.

The aim of National Non-Fiction Day is to dispel the myth that non fiction belongs solely to the
confines of the classroom.  Non fiction can inspire as well as educate, deliver humour along with
hard facts, and some of the tales it can tell rivals the best fiction for excitement and intrigue.
National Non-Fiction Day is an opportunity to inspire teachers and librarians, children and parents,
to have fun whilst learning about the world we live in.


Milo is really heavily into cars, trucks, diggers and anything that moves basically and so non-fiction books are hugely appealing to him at the moment. In fact, and this is a bit sneaky of us, we have hidden some of his favourites from his bookshelf and we take them out at moments when he is likely to be feeling a bit scratchy (out for coffee, dinner, anything that involves sitting down, in the hospital etc…), because they can absorb his attention for longer in many ways, than a story book can. This is partly due to the narrative that we can create for ourselves around the images. And also because he loves to point at the pictures, tell us what they are and describe them for us!

So on the actual day we are going to celebrate by having an only non-fiction day which we’ll both love. We might even buy a few new books specially for the occasion. I’ll keep you posted on what we plan to read and what Milo thinks.

What do you think you might do to celebrate?

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  1. oooh, thank you *blushes*!
    I think it is a great idea to hide some of his favs! We always take books with us if we are going out somewhere, especially posh places LOL, it is a great way to keep them occupied.
    I think at home we’ll probably have a non-fiction storytime special :0)

    October 15, 2010

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