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Filling in the gaps…

I’m very excited! Milo has started filling in the gaps when we read to him. His language is still very basic but improving at a steady rate adding more words each day (mostly to do with cars, trucks, lorries etc…). This evening we read Milo Armadillo by Jan Fearnley to him – it was a present from us to him for his first birthday and he loves it.

Towards the end after Tallulah has discovered that Milo Armadillo has gone, the story goes like this:

Then, Tallulah saw a pink thread

And she followed it

All the way

Until she found him

As we finished reading “and she followed it…” Milo said “all the way” – and his dad and I whooped! It’s silly I know, and he certainly fills in and repeats words during us reading to him (especially “whoosh” in Room on the Broom – “and whoosh they were gone.”), but this feels like a good and proper sentence and that he knows the sequence of the book so well that he has committed it to memory. And it feels lovely. It’s a book we read a lot to him, he enjoys the story and the illustrations and points out lots of things on each page, but it is such a special feeling to realise he is engaging so much in the actual text. The words. The story. Yay! Warm, snuggly feelings towards my boy this evening.

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