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Cathy Cassidy rocks!

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Children’s Book Circle’s Patrick Hardy lecture. This is an event that happens almost every year and each year a different author gives a talk. The last one I went to was Meg Rosoff in 2006 so it was about time that I went to another.

This year it was Cathy Cassidy’s turn and I’m so pleased that it was. Milo’s dad had already seen her talk at an NSPCC event (Cathy does some fantastic work with Childline) and so I’ve always been a little jealous of him seeing her first especially seeing as I work in children’s books. He did pick me up a copy of Gingersnaps though at the event so I can’t really complain.  Cathy’s books are brilliant and her talk, which was about going beyond the book, was fascinating. Cathy replies to every letter, email and message that she gets from her readers. That’s an amazing commitment from a busy author!

In case you didn’t know already too, Cathy Cassidy was named this year’s Queen of Teen. To think that her first book was published only six years ago is quite remarkable considering the body of work and the following she has now (I worked on the pitch for her third book Driftwood while at Puffin!). She has really achieved so much in that time and obviously reached a lot of girls (and boys) with her open approach to being an author.

I was sitting next to a lovely lady at the talk who’s name I didn’t get. She was taken a bit poorly at the end so I’m just hoping that she’s feeling a little perkier today.

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