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Weekend of baking

My mum’s turning 60 at the end of this month. She and my dad thought it would be fun to celebrate a little early with a lunch for 16 of their friends, which took place yesterday in their garden (phewf – no rain!). To help ease the pressure of all the cooking I offered to help out with desserts. She wanted a lot of cake!

I made:

apple, cinnamon and walnut cake, with clotted cream on the side
victoria sponge cake
rum and chocolate squares with rum creme fraiche
coffee and walnut cake
a lemon loaf cake

It was a bit of a marathon day getting it all done (I tweeted my way through #bakeathon), but the finished cakes all looked very tasty piled together at my mum’s house.

One thing I felt was lacking was a little bit of colour. Yesterday afternoon we went with Milo to a 2nd birthday party for my cousin’s daughter and oh, the cake and all the lovely treats were so colourful. I think that’s got a lot to do with children’s party food as a rule (and Jo’s amazing baking), but I do think I could have added at least one cake for my mum with some bright summer fruits to cheer the selection up. Maybe for her actual birthday.

Milo and I made some biscuits for the birthday girl to take with us to the party.

Milo helped stamp the star cutter, eat the pre-cooked dough and turn the oven beeper off when it beeped. That’s his favourite thing at the moment. He’s in charge of the oven beeper.

Hope you all had happy weekends.

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