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It was just a little rain…

Milo and I went to the park this morning. We kicked the football around, we splashed in puddles, we watched the frogs hop to the pond, we jumped and ran all over the grate to the Ice House, we pushed his trike up and down the hill and we had fun. Milo wore his all in one rain gear and shoes (he needs wellies, he found the deepest puddle for his right foot to spend some time in).

We were the only people there apart from some dog walkers and joggers – no parents and kids. It’s the same every time it rains. It’s even emptier when it snows.

Not a soul.

Why does a little rain put everyone off going to the park? They really miss out. The baby frogs were out in force and they were cute – can you spot this one, it’s the same colour as the leaves and the pic was taken on my phone so not exactly good quality but he is there.

As my mum says, there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes.

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