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This will be interesting …

Peter Andre is going to be writing a series of children’s books. They will have strong moral values, something he claims his ex-wife Jordan’s books don’t have. Read the full article here on the Bookseller, via the Daily Star.

Not sure what to think of children’s books being writing as a way of getting back at an ex, but benefit of the doubt and all of that. Have any of you read (and are willing to admit to having read) Katie Price’s books? I haven’t but would be interested to know what you think.

I wasn’t sure what picture to add to this post. Please vote – semi naked Peter Andre or cover image of Perfect Ponies by Katie Price.

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  1. But like her, he is *writing* them as in putting his name on something that is written by someone else surely? The only children’s book I have read which was written by a “celebrity” was Jools Oliver’s picture book and it is not great (to say the least) but at least she wrote it herself!

    August 6, 2010

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